• November 2, 2021

A new thrash metal outfit in Melbourne will soon debut on the metal circuit

The latest from Melbourne, AU: Metal nightstands have gone on sale in Melbourne’s CBD, with metal fusion band Beyblade Metal Fusion debuting in the city on Friday.

The band, whose name translates as ‘the metal nightstand’, has been releasing music on its Soundcloud page since January, and will be hitting the stage at the Melbourne International Festival later this month.

BeyBlade, who previously played in Melbourne with the Australian Metal Metal Scene, has been playing gigs around the world, and also recently appeared on the latest episode of MTV Australia’s “The Metal Show”.

The band’s first Australian release will be an EP called “The Black Hole”, which will feature new tracks by guitarist Michael McDaniel and drummer Matt McPherson.

“We’re pretty excited to be launching into the Australian music scene with our debut album, and we’re also excited to announce that we’ll be playing a handful of shows in the CBD during the weekend of January 14,” McDaniel said in a statement.

“The music is going to be packed with heavy thrash riffs, deep basslines and some epic riffs.

We’re hoping that we can be part of a thrash wave that is sweeping across the world in 2018, but we’re hoping to keep things as real as possible so the world doesn’t get too caught up in the hype.”

Beyblade has a reputation for being one of the most heavy-metal bands around, and they have been on tour with bands like Iron Maiden and Slayer since 2011.

Their most recent Australian tour dates have included dates with the likes of Blood Red Roses, The Wombats, and The Warlocks.

BeyBlade has also recently collaborated with Australian bands Iron Maiden, The Warlords, and Slayer on several songs, including “Sneak Attack”, a collaboration with guitarist Tom DeLay.

BeyBlades full album, which includes tracks from The Womens Metal Scene’s “Black Hole”, is available to buy on Soundcloud.

Follow @MelbourneMetal on Twitter and like Melbourne Metal on Facebook to keep up to date on BeyBlade’s upcoming tour.

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