• October 27, 2021

‘Fruit and vegetable’ for $50 a month?

Metal paint can now be bought for less than $50 per month, and the process is being used to make fruit and vegetable.

Photo: Daniel Munoz The Australian Financial Reviews says that “a lot of the things we think are in the supermarket are not necessarily what they should be”.

The article says metal paint can be bought “for about $50-$60 per month” and that metal paint “can be made at home or in a workshop”.

It goes on to say that there are also “many things on the shelf that can be made from recycled materials, but not everything is made from metal”.

Metal paint “is very cheap to make and a lot of people are willing to pay a bit more than they would for something made by hand”, the article says.

It also states that the metal paint process “has the potential to produce products that are environmentally friendly”.

“Metal paint is a very good way of using materials that are less expensive and less labor intensive to make things that are high quality and tasty.”

What is metal paint?

“Metal paints are made by combining the compounds in certain minerals with carbon monoxide to create a metallic surface,” it states.

Metal paint is “used for everything from food packaging to cosmetics”.

Photo: Supplied “Metal is not a sustainable material, and we can make a lot more of it,” the article continues.

“The amount of land that can go into producing metal paint is quite limited, so the need for land has been growing, but there are still many places that need it.”

The article continues that “the most important thing to remember about metal paint production is that it is made by a process that is inherently sustainable”.

It then lists the materials that can make up a metal paint and says “the metal paint itself is made of metals, which are extremely inexpensive to process”.

Metal paints can be found on the shelves of many supermarkets, including Woolworths, Morrisons and Macquarie.

But the article also mentions that the process used to produce metal paint involves the use of “products that are not normally found in the food supply, such as recycled materials”.

What is “recycled” metal?

“Recycled metal can be purchased online, through local businesses or by contact” of recyclers, it states, but the article does not explain how it is found or where it comes from.

What is the metal-paint process?

The article also says that a metal-based paint can “be made by mixing different types of metals together, or in the case of metal paint it can be mixed with the carbon monoxy compounds that are used to paint the metal”.

It also says “there are a lot less resources that are available to make this type of product”.

But it adds that “it is possible to make a high-quality, nutritious, tasty product using recycled materials”, which the article describes as “a good thing”.

“This is a fantastic way to make sustainable products,” it concludes.

“It is good for the environment and it is good to look after the planet.”

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