• August 27, 2021

What you need to know about ‘Iron Man 2’ and ‘Iron Patriot’

“I think that’s a great title, but you know, the title is sort of a catch-all term for all the characters,” said Warner Bros. Pictures head Kevin Tsujihara, who also directed “The Hangover Part III,” “The Great Gatsby,” and “The Dark Knight.”

“I’m a huge fan of ‘Ironman,’ and I love it, but I think that we’re just going to do this in a different way.”

Warner Bros. has been experimenting with different approaches to franchise films in recent years, particularly with “Batman v Superman,” “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” and now “Iron Man.”

The studio is trying to re-establish its franchise’s identity with a new film in the vein of the superhero movies of the past, but Tsujika says he doesn’t think “Ironman” will be that film.

“The thing is that I think what we want to do is the next thing that we do, the next Marvel movie,” he said.

“But that’s not going to be ‘Iron man 2,’ it’s going to have a whole different feel.”

Tsujihara said the studio also has an ambitious plan for “Iron Patriot” to follow “Iron man” and “Iron Warrior.”

The title will likely be a nod to the U.S. Patriot Act of 2001, a law that made it illegal to be an agent of a foreign power and prohibited the use of military technology and personnel.

The Patriot Act also prohibited the U,S.

from using military technology for commercial, political, or religious purposes.

Tsujikan said Warner is looking to make a film about how American ideals, values, and beliefs have evolved over the years and how those ideas have shaped the world around us.

“I think what’s important to us is the story is really about the journey of what it means to be American,” he added.

“It’s a journey that is about how this country has changed in a lot of ways.

And that’s what we really want to explore.”

Tune into our exclusive interview with Kevin Tsuji-Has, who directed the “Iron Legion” sequel, for “The Last Stand” on the new Warner Bros TV series, “The Justice League.”

Watch the exclusive trailer for the upcoming DC TV series “The JLA” below:Follow AP Entertainment Writer Michael A. Coleman on Twitter @APMichaelColeman

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