• August 25, 2021

A DIY metal railing from Ikea

Metal railing from the Ikea catalogue is a great way to get your DIY project out on the street.

Here’s how to make one from a pair of shelves at your kitchen counter.


Lay out the shelves in an ordered fashion.

The easiest way to lay out shelves is by placing the shelves so they are all facing out.

Then, stack the shelves, one at a time, against each other.


Mark off the corners with a pen or marker.

Mark a line where the shelves meet at the corners.


Cut out the rails.

Cut a 3-inch-wide (10-centimeter-wide) strip of metal about 2 inches long, 1-inch wide, and 1/4 inch thick.

This strip is your metal railing.


Cut the rails in half and glue them to the shelves.


Drill a hole in the middle of each rail.

You can use any drill bit that is suitable for the size of the metal railing and the length of the shelf it is going to support.


Attach the rails to the metal bars.

Place the bars on the shelves at a 45-degree angle to allow the rails and bars to be placed in an even-tempered alignment.


Attaching the railing to the bars requires that you put the rails down against the back of the bars and glue a metal plate in the gap between the bars.


Attachment the bars to the railing requires a screwdriver or similar tool to attach the rails, as well as a hammer.


Place your railing on the shelf, using a piece of aluminum foil to hold the rails securely in place.

This is a good time to remove the metal plate and glue it back together to keep it securely attached.


Now it’s time to install the metal bar stool on top of your railing.

To install a metal bar stool, remove the bars from the shelves and slide the bar stool onto the shelf.

The metal bar will be sandwiched between the metal rails.


Now attach the barstool to the wooden bar.

The bar stool will hold the metal rail while the railing is installed on top.

You’ll need to place the barstands back into place.


After the metal wall has been installed, attach the metal stairs to the bar stumps.

They should now stand upright and are ready to go. 13.

Use a screw to attach all the bars together to form a complete metal railing on your new home.

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