• August 21, 2021

How to fix the Moto ZR8 Plus leak

The Moto ZR10 Plus leaked a month ago, but Motorola has now confirmed that the new phone will come with a “more premium” design.

According to the company, the design is meant to better complement the M8 Plus, which it says is “more rugged, more comfortable and has a more advanced camera”.

The Moto X Pure Edition, which launched a year ago, is also due for an upgrade, and the Moto X Max is expected to come with the same “premium” camera as the ZR models.

But it’s the Moto ZRs latest update that’s being talked about here, with Motorola revealing that the phone will be sporting a “much more premium” build.

The company says that the design will also be able to better “match” the M9 Plus, with “the highest resolution display and fastest processor in the smartphone market”.

We can’t say for sure whether this will mean that the Moto 9 Plus will also get the new design, or if this will just be an update to the Moto 8 Plus.

Moto Z phones have been notoriously difficult to come by, so it’s a big deal that the company is now willing to reveal a few more details about the phone’s build, as the company was able to sell a few thousand units last year.

Motorola is also teasing the release of a “premier” model for its next flagship, which is also being leaked.

We’re expecting a “better screen”, a “higher resolution display”, and a new chipset that will feature an “extraordinary” Snapdragon 820 chipset.

The leaked build, however, is still only teasing a few details, so we’re going to have to wait and see if this actually comes to fruition.

We’ll have to see if we get our hands on the new Moto Z for ourselves.

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