• August 18, 2021

Why you should buy precious metals and other precious metals

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The gold price is still in the mid-$100s, which makes it attractive to many investors.

But it’s now trading at $1,300 an ounce, and the silver price is down by more than $40 per ounce.

And the platinum price has slipped to $6,400 an ounce from a high of $8,200 an ounce in June.

Gold is the safest investment in the world.

Gold is safe, cheap, and secure.

But that doesn’t mean it’s safe from theft or pollution.

It is precious, so there are rules around how you store it.

The metals market is one of the world’s biggest and most volatile.

But even though the U.S. government controls the gold market, it is also the biggest producer and consumer of the metal.

And a government mandate for gold and silver reserves is the biggest source of inflation in the global economy.

Gold is a precious metal.

Gold has been a global symbol of hope, hope for the future, hope in a world of uncertainty.

Gold’s value has soared over the past 50 years, but many of us have forgotten how precious it really is.

Gold was the symbol of optimism in the early 1900s.

Today, it’s the symbol for uncertainty.

In the U, the gold price has been climbing, while the silver has been dropping, according to the National Gold Council.

The reason gold prices are up, though, is because the U is becoming more of a buyer of precious metals.

The U.K. and China are the largest buyers of precious metal, with the U $1 trillion in gold, silver and platinum, according the UIA, a trade association.

Gold in the U has more than doubled over the last decade, and platinum has increased by nearly a third.

It’s been the biggest gold boom in decades.

But as we’ve seen in the last year, China is also ramping up its gold and platinum purchases, so the U could be facing a serious supply problem as the gold boom winds down.

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