• July 4, 2021

The Reeds: An ‘unbelievable’ story of metal’s resurgence

An unlikely band has emerged in the metal world, but it’s all thanks to one thing: The reeds.

The quintet of Reeds, led by the band’s frontman, Scott Lively, have taken the music of old and modern metal by storm, combining the best elements of everything from death metal, metalcore, thrash and death metal into a cohesive sound.

With an estimated 15 million followers on Twitter and counting, they’ve already broken the record for most people who’ve signed up to their Facebook page.

They’ve also broken the most Facebook followers of any band in the world, and have since gone on to become one of the top-selling bands in the U.S. with over 15 million fans.

Lively is currently touring the U, playing shows in places like California, New York, Texas and Tennessee.

He told USA Today that it was all a product of his family’s love of music, and his son, Alex, playing the drums.

“The music I grew up with was heavy metal and it was a little bit of a crossroads, so I was looking for a way to explore what I could do with that,” Lively said.

“I knew the genre I wanted to play was heavy, so that was something that I was always interested in.”

Lively and the band formed in 2006 when he was just 16 years old, and the rest is history.

His parents divorced when he turned 17 and his mother remarried and raised two children in a house they bought for $2,500.

They moved back to their hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, and after a brief stint as a barber, Lively eventually settled down and started his own music career.

In 2007, he and fellow bandmate Mike Henson released their first EP, a five-track set called Metal.

In 2008, they released their second EP, The Reacts.

“We really took that first EP and turned it into a full-length album and started writing it,” Live said.

The Reactions featured a new take on the band name and a new concept.

“The reeds were really our name, so we decided to take the name of a metal band and put it on the album,” he said.

Lives wife, actress, and bandmate Amy Henson, along with drummer Justin Martin, also contributed songs to the album.

The songs were titled “A Day in the Life” and “The Beginning,” and were the first of many reeds songs that would eventually come out on their next album, The Reckoning.

“As a band, we’re always striving to make our music better and we think the best thing we can do is keep that focus,” Lives said.

In 2011, they made their debut with a track called “Lazy Lightnin’.” In 2013, they followed up with “Meltdown,” a song about a relationship gone awry.

“You know, in my head, it sounds like something a really shitty guy would say,” Liles wife said.

Metal’s resurgence has been a huge success for the band, as their music has gone from being largely ignored to being the number one-selling record of all time, and their album sales have nearly tripled since the release of The Reckings.

Lally and Martin both told USA TODAY that the band is also in the process of making a documentary, entitled The Reels: The Truth Behind the Music of Metal.

They said the documentary is being made with the goal of getting the truth out about the band.

“When you think of the band and the history of the genre, they’re probably the first names that come to mind,” Martin said.

They added that their band has no plans to continue touring.

“Our plans are not to continue any more,” Lally said.

As of now, Live is playing only one set a night in Nashville.

He and his band are also working on their fourth album, which is scheduled to come out later this year.

The band said they hope to release more music before the end of the year.

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